I drew inspiration from Coco Chanel's iconic style for this headband creation. Chanel is a fashion legend renowned for her timeless elegance and revolutionary designs. Coco Chanel often accessorized her outfits with headbands adorned with bows, a look that became a signature part of her sophisticated yet playful style. Chanel's headbands blend simplicity and chic. True elegance is found in understated details. By creating my headband, I wanted to capture precisely this feeling. Join and enjoy!

Tutorial Content

    1. Recommendations/ Ieteikumi/Рекомендации

    2. Download the patterns/ Lejupielādēt zīmējumu/Скачать выкройки

    1. Headband base sewing/ Galvas lentes pamatnes šūšana/ Пошив основы повязки на голову

    2. Bow embroidery/ Bantes izšūšana/ Вышивка банта

    3. Assembling the bow and headband/ Bantes un lentes salikšana/ Сборка банта и повязки

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Sewing → Embroidering → Assembling