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Irena Gasha

Welcome to my course page! Here you will find inspiring photos of my work and my students' as well, many masterclasses and training courses on embroidery. This site is still being developed and will gradually be supplemented with useful information related to embroidery.

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On my YouTube channel you can find several free master classes and watch short videos with my embroidered works.

Master class "Mohair flower bud".

Embroidered brooch collection "ILLUSION"

My students say...

“During the past two years I have studied the Luneville embroidery and design with the master Irena Gasha. I really admire her work, she is an authority for me. She helps me to realize my ideas. Her advice and practices are invaluable to me. I wish you all - learn from the best!”

Ligita Liberte Jegorova

“I am constantly learning new techniques and improving my skills. And I am happy that Irena Gasha has become my teacher and guide to the world of couture embroidery. With Irena Gasha I intend to continue my studies. It is necessary to learn from the best!”

Ekaterina Luchyts

“ In 2017, I got acquainted with hand embroidery and beading, and my creative activity took on a new meaning. A little later, I first saw Irena's amazing artwork jewelry and learned about Luneville embroidery. At that time, I could not even imagine that I would have the opportunity to learn from such a great Master.”

Elena Kuzmina

Student embroideries

I am proud of my students. They do great work and bring their creative ideas to life.