✁  When spring is already in the air, and Valentine hearts are everywhere, why don't we step away from serious matters and embroider a brooch for a young lady? Easy, light and gentle. Let's give joy and love, relax and enjoy the process.

Masterclass content is in three languages - ENG/LV/РУ

You'll see all the creation processes from scratch to the ready-to-wear brooch.

    1. Recommendations/ Ieteikumi/Рекомендации

    2. Download the design/Lejupielādēt zīmējumu/Скачать рисунок

    1. Fabric Rose/ Auduma rozīte/ Розочка из ткани

    2. Embroidering dove, Part 1/Dūjas izšūšana, prmā daļa/Вышивка голубя, часть 1

    3. Embroidering dove, Part 2/Dūjas izšūšana, otrā daļa/Вышивка голубя, часть 2

    4. Background & Crown/Fons un kronītis/Фон и корона

    5. Finishing Touches/Darba pabeigšana/Завершение работы

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  • 7 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
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  • Support ENG/LV/РУ