Course Programme

There will be some prerecorded video lessons + 2 live streams.

  • The course sale will only be open at a particular time, from 12/05/23 to 22/05/23.

  • Once paid, you'll get the first video lesson about making a ring base and some advice on the required materials.

  • 24/05/23 The next video lesson about making a pattern and drawing for the embroidery of the ring will be added. Everyone will be able to create their design, following my suggestions.

  • 26/05/23 Live lesson on Zoom platform. We will look at possible embroidery techniques that can be used in ring embroidery.

  • 30/05/23 Live lesson on Zoom platform. Embroidery processing. Ring assembling.

  • Access to the course will be open for two months from the time of purchase.
  • The course will not be repeated.
  • Video lessons are in the Russian language with subtitles in English and Latvian. Translation of live streams in English and Latvian will be available within a couple of days after the broadcast.