1. Список материалов, рисунки и выкройки/ List of materials, drawings and patterns

    2. Перевод рисунка на ткань/ Transfer the pattern onto the fabric

    3. Большие листья/ Big leaves

    4. Маленькие листья и стебельки/ Small leaves and stems

    5. Большие цветы/ Big flowers

    6. Маленькие цветы/ Small flowers

    7. Пушистые бутоны/ Fluffy buds

    1. Выкройки/ Patterns

    2. Пришивание сутажа люневильским крючком/ Sewing on soutache with a Luneville hook

    3. Вишивка концов боковины, ручки и застежки/ Side ends, handle and tap embroidery

    1. Выкройки для сборки/ Template with control marks

    2. Подготовка овальных деталей/ Preparing the oval pieces of the bag

    3. Подготовка ручки и засатежки/ Strap and tap preparation

    4. Финальная сборка сумки/ The final assembly of the bag

    1. Ваша сумочка готова - получение сертификата/ Your bag is ready - obtaining a certificate

Shades of Monochrome

  • €190,00
  • 365 days
  • Русский/English
In this course, I will teach you how to create an original handbag by hand, from embroidery to assembly. You will be provided with all the necessary patterns, templates and a list of materials (for the dove grey option in the photo). Step by step, you will see all the stages of work with detailed videos and descriptions - many techniques for embroidering with a Luneville hook and needle and one of the methods for assembling the handbag. After completing the course, you will have the opportunity to receive a certificate provided you submit a photo of the finished work.

You can use the techniques you learn in the course in your other projects. You can also try to make this embroidery in your favourite range of colours, not only in monochrome but also multi-coloured.